Professional backup and disaster recovery solutions

Protect your computer or server and easily recover your data and operating system. Our backup solutions are tailored to match your risk management needs, and to help you carry on your business activities, any time, any where, no matter what happens. Backup online is the guarantee for protection, data recovery and business continuity.


Our backup solutions

Business Continuity

Server backup and recovery

PC backup and protection

business continuity

server backup

pc backup

IT Recovery Insurance is a key solution to your business continuity plan. Restore your data and your system, quickly.
pc backup
Server Protect is a professional backup and data recovery solution dedicated to small and mediums businesses.
pc backup
PC Protect is an easy, safe and powerful backup solution for your Windows- or Mac-based desktop or notebook.
pc backup

Our solutions:

Key Features:

  • Minimum cost
  • AES encryption
  • Maximum security
  • Free Windows Agents
  • Hassle-free recovery
  • Disaster Recovery Rooms

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12 Best Practices for Backup and Recovery

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  • What to look for in a vendor
  • How to drive efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectivenes

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